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About us

Let's go and build it  
Suppliers of New and Pre-loved genuine LEGO®.

We are an unofficial genuine LEGO® seller, currently shipping only within the UK.

It all started with 4 boxes of mixed random LEGO® that we found behind the sofa one Christmas several years ago, that the children no longer played with. 

We found that the process of sifting and sorting into colours and shapes, seemed somehow therapeutic.

Soon we discovered that it was possible to go online and find instructions to build almost anything.  We were then hooked. !!!    LEGO® then became our latest hobby.

We discovered that LEGO® was not just for kids, it has an amazing adult fan-base as well.  It has connected us to other people in a way, that we could not have imagined possible. 

We now stock hundreds of LEGO® mini-figures, individual parts and sets.

We also buy your un-wanted LEGO®.